Tranquility and progress – the perspective of a Chinese prospective PhD student
MY to IM (10.12): I have unbolded the words but left the note about the names of those people that
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Our annual Lao-German Friendship Feast (no. 5)
If you really want to make a friend, go to someone’s house and eat with . (Cesar Chavez)1 Following Prof.
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Transition from Lower Secondary School Phang Heng to the Lao-German Technical College
How our journey to Laos began in October 2018 Seven months flew by after the Academic International Office at the PH
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The universal language of football – a perfect kick-off to the “The Laos Experience”
Arriving in Laos – a warm welcome & my first invitation to a game of football I arrived in Lao
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Workshop on 8 April 2019 at the LGTC – “Body language: presenting yourself”
Why do a workshop on body language? When the time came for us – Anna-Sophia ten Brink, Siegfried Hadatsch, and
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Workshop on 4 April 2019 – chemistry experiment in the science laboratory (saponification)
Preparation in the science lab1 For a Bachelor’s degree in Bilingual Teaching2 at the PH Karlsruhe, a stay abroad of 20
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Savannakhet – my second hometown in Laos
Already two months ago I, Rebecca Dengler, moved to Savannakhet to do research for my PhD at Savannakhet University. On
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First volunteer at the VEDI: Welcomed and embraced like family
Since I – Phi Ha Nguyen – arrived in Vientiane, Laos, on the 26th of October 2019,  I have been
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Looking back – our first contact with institutions of education in Laos (2015) & visiting the VEDI
4 years to the day! Today is the 4th anniversary of our first visit to the LGTC and VEDI on
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New places available for internships in spring 2020: Apply now for Team X!
Students and graduates from all subjects from the University of Education Karlsruhe  can now apply for an internship in the project
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We are Team IX – Introduction
Hello everybody, we are Team IX! We are very glad to finally be able to introduce ourselves to all of
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“Language education and global citizenship” (3) – A comparison of (travel) guides to Laos (by L. Koch)
Editor’s note: “A comparison of (travel) guides to Laos” by Ms Lena Koch is the third research article in the
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