Ban Phang Heng primary school

Ban Phang Heng primary school is located right next to the secondary school, on the same grounds. AfC started supporting this school recently, in late 2013. The renovation works were completed in 2015. Just like Ban Sikeud primary and Ban Phang Heng secondary school, construction works at Ban Phang Heng primary stated during the summer holidays. New classrooms for 10 classes were built as well as a library, a room for the teaching staff including a kitchen, and new sanitation facilities. A concrete ground was installed in the school yard since this is an absolute necessity during the rainy season. In 2013, roughly 250 pupils were enrolled at Ban Phang Heng primary. Currently, there are around 440 pupils who attend the new school.

Also, in 2014 the dining hall located between Ban Phang Heng primary and secondary school was completely renovated by the foundation, which was finished in 2015. It serves about 400 meals a day for the pupils.


Text & Photos by J. Zeck

As of November 2016


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