Ban Sikeud primary school

In 2003, the Angels for Children foundation started supporting the primary school of Ban Sikeud. Following this, Angels for Children started supporting two more schools, Ban Phang Heng primary and Ban Phang Heng secondary school. Ban Sikeud primary school has served as a role model school for the two Phang Heng schools up to now. Recently, Gerlinde Engel made contact with two more schools in the area.

All buildings of Ban Sikeud primary school were renovated and equipped with new furniture. Sanitation facilities were installed. A library, a gym with plenty of space for physical activities, and a room for the teaching staff including a kitchen were built. Roads were paved, also parts of the school yard to secure access to the buildings in the rainy season. In 2004, construction was completed and the school, completely transformed, started into the new school year.

Before the support of Angels for Children, Ban Sikeud primary had approximately 150 pupils. Nobody felt responsible for checking whether these children would come to school every day at that time. Today, more than 440 pupils study in 12 classes, from grade 1 to 5, at Ban Sikeud primary. The school now has 2 preschool classes as well. Roughly 60 children under the age of 6 attend preschool at Ban Sikeud primary school.

The foundation created a school ground which provides a comfortable environment with trees, a sports field and benches for both students and teachers. Due to the organizational support of AfC, the whole education system at Ban Sikeud was reformed over the years in order to take care of the pupils’ futures. Over the last years and this year again, the school was awarded for having the best primary students in the country.



As of August 2016

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