Smiling faces
No need to explain why we´re doing this! Smiling faces in the schools in Ban Sikeud and Ban Phang Heng
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First VISA run
In Laos, our VISAs expire every 30 days. Therefore, we soon needed to take a trip to the Thai/Lao border.
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1. Falang-Friendship-Feast
On Saturday, the 21st of November, more than 20 Lao and English teachers gathered at Ban Phang Heng Secondary School
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Field trip to the University of Laos, Vientiane
Last Wednesday, we went to the English Department of the University of Laos to join their weekly „English Zone“, a
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Mopsy and his friends
We, Franziska and Tobias, recently started working with English for Mopsy and me in the two preschool classes of Ban
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Some early impressions
Throughout the next days after our arrival, our schedule was packed. First, we visited all three schools supported by the
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The first hours of a new adventure
We got our first glimps of Laos after an exhausting, twenty hour journey through the tiny window of Flight No
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What is this all about?
Why are there five alumni and a Professor from the University of Education Karlsruhe at Frankfurt Airport? And who are
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Workshop “Modern Western Square Dance – Be There, or Be Square!”
Traditionally, Modern Western Square Dance is known as a North American folk dance. Various steps and figures from different European
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Workshop “English for Mopsy and me”
For our preparation for teaching English in Laos, Prof. Martin asked Ms Leonora Fröhlich-Ward and her friendly hand puppet dog
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Workshop “Singlish – Moving, Singing, and Speaking in Teaching English to Young Learners”
A key aspect in early language learning is developing and fostering a positive attitude towards the target language, which in
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Ban Sikeud primary school

The first school supported by the foundation since 2003

Ban Phang Heng lower secondary school

Lower secondary school, supported by Angels for Children since 2011

Ban Phang Heng primary school

Second primary school supported by the foundation since 2013

Lao-German Technical College

Joint vocational training with BHS Corrugated since 2015

Savannakhet University

University cooperation between Savannakhet and Karlsruhe since 2018

Vocational Education Development Institute

Cooperation between the VEDI and  the PHKarlsruhe since 2019


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